The 89th Annual Canoe Carnival is scheduled for Saturday, August 1, 2020



          1.   CC Rules & Regulations (2019)

          2.   Packet Cover Page (2019)

          3.   Entry Form A (2019)

          4.   Entry Form B (2019)

          5.   Plate Form (2019)

          6.   Judges Score Sheet (2019)

          7.   Safety Checklist (2019)

          8.   Basic Float Layout Diagram (2019)

Canoe Carnival Traffic Regulations 2019 - Click HERE!

It was a magnificent Canoe Carnival! Thank you to the Float Builders, the Canoe Carnival Committee, homeowners on Lower Aetna Lake and neighbors who hosted this amazing event, the Police & Fire Departments, EMTs, a great community and more.  Despite the heat making it a difficult year for building a Float; the Floats were amazing.  



Grand Prize 
On the Rocks (OTR) - Christmas Spectacular

Shawnee Division Winners:

1st Place:  Scrub Pines - Fat Bottomed Squirrel

2nd Place:  Gunnels Deep - Cheers to Medford Lakes

Neeta Division Winners:

1st Place:  Up N’ Comers - Summertime

2nd Place:  Canoe Kids on the Block - Moon Landing

Honorable Mention:  Sink or Swim - Día de los Muertos

Nokomis Division Winners:

1st Place:  Medford United Methodist Church - Welcome to Medrock Lakes

2nd Place:  Nut-N-Butt Paddles - Nordic Triumph

Single Canoe Division Winners:

1st Place:  Lil’ Paddlers - Harry Paddler

2nd Place:  Hardwick Family - Small Town

3rd Place:  Mildly Disturbed - Victory Lap, three weeks in the Lakes

Honorable Mention:  The Leftovers - Beauty & the Beast

Organization Division Winners:

1st Place:  ML Lions Club - Time to Join the Lions

2nd Place:  ML Women's Club - Explorer Happiness is where you are

Junior Division Winners:

1st Prize:  ML Camp - 9 Years to a Bronze Shield

 2nd Prize:  Pine Cones - Shiver Me Timbers

Mary Conrad Golden Oar Award:  Gary Miller

Captain’s Award for Technological Achievement:  On the Rocks (OTR)

Mardi Gras’ Winners: 

1st Prize – Tie:  Tursi Family & Franken Family

3rd Prize - Kornafel Family 

 Canoe Carnival Hall of Fame Winners 2019:

Joan & Joe Doyle

The Baker’s Dozen