Our lakes are home to many types of wildlife, including beavers, otters, raccoons and muskrats. They thrive in remote lakeside areas well away from our beaches, and avoid people by nature.

We are reminding Colonists that while these animals may look cute, they should ALWAYS be viewed from a good distance and never harassed or followed. They are much faster, swim much better, bite much harder, and have lived here much longer than Lakers have.

Like other wildlife, they can be aggressive when feeding or protecting their young...

neither of which you may notice when first encountering one.

So if you see a furry critter, grab a pair of binoculars and enjoy them from a nearby dock.

They are part of what makes our town special!



Paradise Forest Special Q&A

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The Medford Lakes Colony held a vote on May 30, 2019, asking our membership if they supported acquiring and preserving wooded land adjacent to Nokomis School.  The referendum passed 551-89 (with 1 abstention).  The Colony would like to thank all member households that voted, and will provide more information about the acquisition soon.

Many volunteer Colonists worked on the project and referendum in some manner, and the Colony would like to recognize EVERYONE who assisted, as well as the MLEF Board and the Property Sellers.  We look forward to Summer Campers, Schoolchildren, and our entire membership enjoying the forest forever!