Canoe Carnival was amazing! 

Congratulations to the winners!!

**Grand Prize**

Mad Paddlers - Paddlin' to the Danger Zone

Shawnee Division Winners

1st Prize:  Motorheads - You Spin Me 'Round

2nd Prize:  OTR - Flower Power

3rd Prize:  Wiser Budz - Jersey Strong - "Who says you can't go home"

Neeta Division Winner 

1st Prize:  Sink or Swim - Jurassic Lakes

2nd Prize:  Medford United Methodist Church - Her Name is Alice!

Nokomis Division Winners

1st Prize:  Nut-N-Butt Paddles - Fly Away

2nd Prize:  Canoe Kids on the Block - Billy Goat Joel

3rd Prize:  Group Named Sioux - BAR-BEE

Single Canoe Divison Winners

1st Prize:  Hardwick Family - Bearly Afloat

2nd Prize:  REED GANG - ALL Night-Canoe Carnival

Organization Division Winners

1st Prize:  ML Lions Club - Philly Special

2nd Prize:  ML Women's Club - MLWC Can Do it!

Junior Division Winner

1st Prize:  ML Camp - BSR Float - 9 Years of Grit

Rookie Division Winner

1st Prize:  Generation Next - Journey to Hogwarts

Mardi Gras Winners

1st Place:  Tursi Family

2nd Place:  Oettl Family

3rd Place:  Skinner Family


Golden Oar Award

Tom Watters


Hall of Fame Winners

Ned Steel

Irregulars Float Group