Canoe Carnival was amazing! 

Congratulations to the winners!!

**Grand Prize**

Mad Paddlers - Paddlin' to the Danger Zone

Shawnee Division Winners

1st Prize:  Motorheads - You Spin Me 'Round

2nd Prize:  OTR - Flower Power

3rd Prize:  Wiser Budz - Jersey Strong - "Who says you can't go home"

Neeta Division Winner 

1st Prize:  Sink or Swim - Jurassic Lakes

2nd Prize:  Medford United Methodist Church - Her Name is Alice!

Nokomis Division Winners

1st Prize:  Nut-N-Butt Paddles - Fly Away

2nd Prize:  Canoe Kids on the Block - Billy Goat Joel

3rd Prize:  Group Named Sioux - BAR-BEE

Single Canoe Divison Winners

1st Prize:  Hardwick Family - Bearly Afloat

2nd Prize:  REED GANG - ALL Night-Canoe Carnival

Organization Division Winners

1st Prize:  ML Lions Club - Philly Special

2nd Prize:  ML Women's Club - MLWC Can Do it!

Junior Division Winner

1st Prize:  ML Camp - BSR Float - 9 Years of Grit

Rookie Division Winner

1st Prize:  Generation Next - Journey to Hogwarts

Mardi Gras Winners

1st Place:  Tursi Family

2nd Place:  Oettl Family

3rd Place:  Skinner Family


Golden Oar Award

Tom Watters


Hall of Fame Winners

Ned Steel

Irregulars Float Group


The 88th Annual Canoe Carnival is scheduled for Saturday, August 3, 2019



          1.   CC Rules & Regulations (2019)

          2.   Packet Cover Page (2019)

          3.   Entry Form A (2019)

          4.   Entry Form B (2019)

          5.   Plate Form (2019)

          6.   Judges Score Sheet (2019)

          7.   Safety Checklist (2019)

          8.   Basic Float Layout Diagram (2019)

Important Dates Regarding Canoe Carnival

      1.   Friday, June 28th - Forms A & B and Plate Form due to the Colony Office

        2.   Tuesday, July 23rd - Mandatory Safety Meeting @ 7:00 pm in Demby Annex

                       -   ALL Float Groups must have representation at this meeting for CC participation!

        3.   Friday, July 26th - LAST DAY Float Entries will be accepted

                       -   These floats will be judged; HOWEVER, they will NOT be in the program!

        4.   Saturday, July 27th - Canoe Carnival Ball at the Medford Lakes Country Club

        5.   Friday, August 2nd - Mardi Gras on Lower Aetna Lake

        6.   Saturday, August 3rd - Canoe Carnival!

        7.   Sunday, August 4th - Float Breakdown & Awards Ceremony @ 5:00 pm in Vaughan Hall